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23 lug 2014 08:16

What Does the Consumer Price Index Measure? Inflation or Cost of Living? What’s the Difference?

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.13 percent in June. What does such a figure really mean? Is it a measure of inflation or of the change in the cost of living? Until recently, I would have answered [...]

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22 lug 2014 22:05

The Case For Higher Rates Looks Weak… Again

Some analysts are again projecting that the age of higher interest rates has finally arrived. The Fed is tapering and the US economy is expanding moderately, despite a first-quarter setback. David Kotok last week wrote that the central bank’s tapering has now passed the tipping point and reflects a “tightening” of monetary policy. Recent inflation readings have [...]

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22 lug 2014 21:56

Inflation Statistics: Distorted by Biases

In a recent article, Amity Shlaes asserts official statistics mismeasure how we experience inflation. I’m going to agree, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s not because John Williams’ Shadowstats, which she appeals to, is right (Jim has comprehensively documented why each and every person who cites that source should be drummed out of the society [...]

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22 lug 2014 21:23

Hurling BRICS at the World Bank and the $

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (the “BRICS”) made a splash last week with the official launch of their new development bank.  The backers made no secret of their intention to challenge the way things are done in the established international financial and monetary architecture. The irony is that India and China are the [...]

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22 lug 2014 20:20

Euro Area: An Unbalanced Rebalancing?

By John Bluedorn and Shengzu Wang: Since the financial crisis, the euro area current account, made up mostly of the trade balances of the individual countries, has moved from rough balance into a clear surplus. But the underlying rebalancing across economies within the euro area has been highly asymmetric, with some debtors, like Greece, Ireland, and Spain, seeing [...]

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22 lug 2014 17:05

Italy: Clamp Down Corruption to Jump Start Growth

A Dialogue with the President of Italy’s Anti-Corruption Authority By Brunello Rosa* e Raffaele Cantone** Italy’s sluggish growth is at the center of the political debate, as well a key concern for international authorities, given its implications for public debt sustainability. A number of factors can explain Italy’s low growth potential. Most of them refer [...]

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22 lug 2014 09:48

Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation, London 22-24 July

Our conference begins today in London and runs for three days. This is a spin-off of an INET project that Mariana Mazzucato and I are heading, which explores an integration of Keynes, Schumpeter, and Minsky on financing the capital development of the economy. I’ll report more on our research later–the project comes to an end [...]

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21 lug 2014 22:29

Asia’s Seismic Shift: How Can the Financial Sector Provide More Juice?

By Min Zhu: Asia is set to be the powerhouse for growth in the next decade, just as it was in the last one. The size of its economy is expected to expand more rapidly than the other regions of the world, and its share in the world output is expected to rise from 30 percent [...]

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21 lug 2014 19:43

More Challenges to “More ‘Free Trade’ Is Always Better” Orthodoxy

One way to induce a Pavlovian reflex in mainstream economists is to invoke the expression “free trade”. Conventional wisdom holds that more trade is always better; only Luddites and protectionists are against it. That’s one big reason why the toxic TransPacific Partnership and its evil twin, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, have gotten virtually [...]

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21 lug 2014 18:12

Keeping Oil Production From Falling

Production flows from a given oil field naturally decline over time, but we keep trying harder and technology keeps improving. Which force is winning the race? An oil reservoir is a pool of hydrocarbons embedded and trapped under pressure in porous rock. As oil is taken out, the pressure decreases and the annual rate of [...]

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