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18 nov 2014 14:39

The EM Growth Slowdown

Watch Roubini’s Senior Research Director, David Nowakowski, on the BBC’s flagship news program Newsnight discussing the EM slowdown.  

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17 nov 2014 18:17

Dealing with the Fallout from U.S. Policies

The divergence of monetary policies in the advanced economies continues to roil financial markets. The Federal Reserve has reacted to better labor market conditions by ending its quantitative easing policy. The Bank of Japan, on the other hand, will expand its purchases of securities, and the European Central Bank has indicated its willingness to undertake [...]

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17 nov 2014 16:20

Demystifying Turkish UFOs

I can hear you say it: “He finally lost it.” Nope, I have not gone completely nuts. I haven’t smoked anything that would make me see UFOs, either. I am talking about Turkey’s Unidentified Financing Objects. Here is the intro. to my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column, where I take on the first of [...]

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17 nov 2014 12:37

The G-20 and the Ill-Fated Charge of the Light Brigade

The just concluded G-20 meeting in Australia repeats many themes and patterns set at earlier G-20 meetings.  Those at the Australian Treasury who planned this year’s G-20 economic policy strategy have shown little macroeconomic policy imagination. By adding to the supply-side structural reform plans identified in earlier G-20 meetings (but not fully implemented), and failing [...]

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16 nov 2014 18:06

Abenomics 2.0 – Just What Are They Trying To Achieve?

The recent move by the Bank of Japan to take further measures to accelerate the rate at which it ramps up its balance sheet took almost everyone – market watchers included – completely by surprise. The consequence was reasonably predictable – the yen has once more fallen strongly against almost all major currencies – and [...]

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15 nov 2014 14:54

Sorry for the near-hiatus over the past weeks–I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Here’s a good post on the current sorry state of economic policy in the US and Europe: The author, Darrell Delamaide, gives a shout-out to MMT: MMT, which bases models on the reality that the U.S. dollar is a fiat [...]

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14 nov 2014 19:55

Six puzzles of the Turkish economy

I have been burning a lot of brain cells of late on six puzzles of the Turkish economy. I have already made some way into solving some of them, while I am still baffled by others. I will simply state them today, with the hope of sharing my answers over the course of the next [...]

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13 nov 2014 17:05

The High Density of Brazilian Production Chains

International trade has undergone a radical transformation in the past decades as production processes have fragmented along cross-border value chains. The Brazilian economy has remained on the fringes of this production revolution, maintaining a very high density of local supply chains. This article calls attention to the rising opportunity costs incurred by such option taken [...]

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12 nov 2014 18:55

Why the Fed is Flummoxed by the U.S. Labor Market:

A New Analysis of Employment in the Era of Secular Stagnation and Global Oversupply   U.S. Jobs in 2014―A New Conundrum   Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics and author’s re-indexation. Aggregate payroll growth in 2014 has been concentrated in low wage sectors and, for reasons discussed in this report, is not transmitting effectively to consumption [...]

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12 nov 2014 13:26

Oil Prices Are Down Again—Did We Miss Our Best Chance for a Better Energy Policy?

Oil is down again. The price of Brent crude, which moves US gasoline prices, is below $100 a barrel for the first time (save a single month) in five years. Why am I not celebrating? No, I don’t own a portfolio of oil stocks. Instead, I am afraid that the recent fall in world oil [...]

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