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14 ott 2014 13:24

Eurocrisis Round Two, Blame the Germans Edition

“What strikes me, also, is the extent of intellectual confusion that remains.” – Paul Krugman, Europanic 2.0 “The problem is that Germany has continued to maintain highly competitive labor costs and run huge surpluses since the bubble burst — and that in a depressed world economy, this makes Germany a significant part of the problem.” [...]

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09 ott 2014 19:40

International Debt and Financial Crises

The latest issue of the IMF’s World Economic Outlook has a chapter on global imbalances that discusses the evolution of net foreign assets (also known as the net international investment position) in debtor and creditor nations. The authors warn that increases in the foreign holdings of domestic liabilities can raise the probability of different types of financial crises, including [...]

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08 ott 2014 20:24

Is Japan Back In Recession?

“People should seriously consider that Japan’s economy may have fallen into recession despite the weaker yen and a stock rally from the BOJ’s easing and the flexible fiscal policy by Abe’s administration,” said Maiko Noguchi, senior economist at Daiwa Securities. “Initial expectations that the economy could withstand the negative effects of a sales tax hike [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:13

India Takes a Green Leaf Out of China’s Sustainability Tree

By Stuart Burns (Ag Metal Miner): When we think of India as an investment destination or look at the economy for areas that could provide growth and wealth generation construction is not normally one that sits high on the list. The popular view is construction of any kind is so mired in bureaucracy that nothing [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:10

Petrobras May Get Political Respite Finally

By Martin Tiller: Over the last few years, stock in the Brazilian state-controlled oil company Petroleo Brasileiro S.A., or Petrobras (PBR), has confounded those who track traditional measures of valuation. The stock has remained stubbornly low in terms of price-to-earnings-ratio (P/E), and even after rallying over the last few days, remains at less than seven [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:07

Can Russia Escape Dollar Dependence?

Russian president Vladimir Putin is determined to wean his country off the dollar, or so he says. In July, after insisting that the international monetary system depended too much “on the U.S. dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the U.S. authorities,” Putin signed off on a new BRICS development [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:05

A Runoff for Brazil’s Rousseff and Neves

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won the first–round of the 2014 presidential election yesterday with almost 42 percent of the vote. The real surprise of the contest, however, came in Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) nominee Aecio Neves’s impressive second place finish, capturing a third of voters and surpassing Marina Silva of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB). [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:02

Germany: It Ain’t Your Father’s Locomotive

This Great Graphic comes from Markit’s Chris Williamson.   It illustrates that the German good producing sector has fallen on hard times again.  The economy contracted by 0.2% in Q2.  Another decline in Q3 cannot be entirely ruled out, though it may just escape with something just above stagnation. The main cause that most politicians and economists will focus on [...]

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07 ott 2014 19:00

A Tale of Two States—Bringing Back U.S. Productivity Growth

By Roberto Cardarelli and Lusine Lusinyan: (Versión en español) Today’s Pop Quiz: What do Oregon and New Mexico have in common? What could possibly link the spectacular vistas of Crater Lake to the glistening White Sands? Answer: One link is these two states have the highest share of computer and electronic production in the entire United States. Think Intel [...]

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07 ott 2014 18:59

Now Is a Good Time to Invest in Infrastructure

By Abdul Abiad, Davide Furceri, and Petia Topalova: Infrastructure is the backbone of well-functioning economies. Unfortunately, that backbone is becoming increasingly brittle in a number of advanced economies. For example, there has been a decline in the overall quality of infrastructure in the United States and Germany (Figure 1; see the FT 2014 and ASCE 2013 for more in infrastructure in the [...]

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