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13 set 2014 11:25

Where Do We Go From Here? 12th Biennial International Post Keynesian Conference Sept. 25-28 at UMKC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 15, 2014 Contact: Nicola Matthews 941-284-3695;   Where Do We Go From Here? International Economics Conference to Focus on Aftermath of Great Recession 12th Biennial International Post Keynesian Conference Sept. 25-28 at UMKC      KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The University of Missouri-Kansas City will host and co-sponsor an international [...]

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11 set 2014 13:33

The Catalan Vote: Why It’s Time To Start Getting Worried About Complacency In Madrid

When Barack Obama told a CNBC interviewer last autumn that Wall Street ought to be “genuinely worried about what is going on in Washington” in reference to the US government shutdown he raised more than a few eyebrows. Normally political leaders try to calm and reassure markets, so this attempt to stir them up on [...]

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10 set 2014 20:55

On Draghinomics

Watch Roubini’s Senior Director of Research David Nowakowski talking about Draghinomics, prior to the latest ECB meeting and the new measures. Source: CNBC

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09 set 2014 22:32

Fed Watch: Forward Guidance Heading for a Change

The lackluster August employment report clearly defied expectations (including my own) for a strong number to round out the generally positive pattern of recent data.  That said, one number does not make a trend, and the monthly change in nonfarm payrolls is notoriously volatile.  The underlying pattern of improvement remains in tact, and thus the [...]

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09 set 2014 21:56

Economics Isn’t Physics: Scottish Edition

Scotland is set to vote next week on independence from the United Kingdom and a new poll gives the pro-independence supporters a small edge for the first time. What’s interesting, and perhaps tragic, about the growing preference for breaking free of Britain is the apparent dismissal of the economic consequences that may arise from independence. The macro [...]

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09 set 2014 21:55

Other Perspectives on the New Bond-Market Conundrum

Last week I commented on a puzzling phenomenon in bond markets this year– long-term rates have been falling at the same time that nearer-term rates have been rising. Bruegel has a review of some of the discussion of this around the web. Nominal yields on different U.S. Treasury securities as a function of years to maturity as of [...]

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09 set 2014 21:42

Reading Macro Data: Growth Rates, Annual Rates, Data Breaks

Newcomers to macro often encounter problems in interpreting and using data. The first is how to report growth rates, particularly when trying to assess the current state of the economy. The second is how to read data reported at annual vs. quarterly vs. monthly rates. The third is accounting for the presence of breaks in [...]

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09 set 2014 21:41

An Independent Scotland: Poorer, More Unstable, Fiscally Weak

In 9 days, voters in Scotland will decide on whether their country should go it alone. The latest Sunday-Times YouGov poll shows a two-point lead for the “yes” camp. The outcome is now too close to call. The closeness of the polls has been matched by a shift in the tone of some economic commentary [...]

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09 set 2014 21:39

Corruption Scandal Makes the Brazilian Elections Even More Exciting

(from my colleague Ilan Solot)  The political outlook for the Brazilian elections is being rocked by leaked information about the corruption scandal surrounding Petrobras’ former director Paulo Roberto Costa – affectionately known as the “suicide bomber.” The man-bomb has agreed to a plea bargain (i.e. providing information in exchange for a reduced sentence) and has [...]

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09 set 2014 21:37

FAQ: Scottish Referendum

What is the Scottish Referendum?  Scotland has been a part of the UK for over 300 years.  Last year, Scotland reached an agreement with the UK to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.  The Scotland National Party has an outright majority in the Scottish parliament and a referendum has been a longstanding pledge. When will the [...]

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