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30 gen 2015 17:41

The deal that may make or break the eurozone

It is no secret that the top priority of the new Greek government will be to negotiate a reduction in the country’s debt – as well as to broker softer terms on the austerity conditions forced by its creditors. Until as recently as the wee hours of Thursday, I thought that this would be unethical. Here is the [...]

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28 gen 2015 18:14


With Syriza in the driver’s seat, Greece now has some hope for the end to austerity imposed by Germany and the Troika. Here’s a good short piece by C. J. Polychroniou, a research associate and policy fellow at the Levy Economics Institute. As he explains, what Syriza wants is no more—and no less—radical than what [...]

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26 gen 2015 19:27

The economics of radical religious terrorism

The Charlie Hebdo attack has led many to claim that – or at least question why – Islam is associated with terrorism. I would reverse the order of causality the question implies. We must first try to answer why there are so many terrorist organizations linked to radical Islam. The attack led me to read, [...]

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26 gen 2015 17:13

QE será, será

I always dismissed arguments that the eurozone’s time as an economic power was up, pointing out the strengths of the common currency area. But I finally realized that I have been wrong all along. I start my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column by explaining why the Europeans do not know how to conduct monetary policy:)- I [...]

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26 gen 2015 12:20

Fiscal Policy: Cycle and Space Matter

I am among those economists who have argued that expansive fiscal policy has been missing as a lever to support recovery in advanced economies, especially in the Eurozone – see here and here. At the same time, I have cast doubts on recent attempts of using it to prop up growth in some emerging markets – see here and here in the [...]

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25 gen 2015 05:58

Ferguson, MO

This article rings true: Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson by a cop, we’ve seen video after video of cops killing unarmed young men and even boys. The excessive militarization of our domestic police has come into question. The institutionalized racism among our police forces is only part of the problem. It [...]

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23 gen 2015 16:19

The Curious Case of Brazil’s Closed Economy

Brazil’s is an unusually closed economy as measured by trade penetration, with exports plus imports equal to just 27.6 per cent of GDP in 2013. Brazil’s large size is often used to explain its relative lack of openness. But this argument does not stand up to scrutiny: among the six countries with larger economies than [...]

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23 gen 2015 15:44

Will Falling Oil Prices Resolve Nigeria’s Dutch Disease?

There has been much speculation in recent months whether the price of oil will continue its downward spiral to spine chilling levels – $20 per barrel springs to mind. One can almost sense a slight quiver in the voices of investors and oilmen when asked how they would cope with such a scenario. Some argue [...]

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22 gen 2015 22:08

The Grand Bu-da-peşkeş Hotel

I had very high expectations from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, the latest Wes Anderson movie which was nominated for nine Oscars on Jan. 15, four days after winning the best musical or comedy at the Golden Globes on Jan. 11. Not only because I am big Anderson fan, but also because the movie is inspired [...]

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20 gen 2015 12:24

Why QE in the Eurozone is a Mistake

Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji have argued that quantitative easing (QE) can occur in the Eurozone without fiscal transfers.  This may be the case, but their analysis is fundamentally misplaced, as it is based on incorrect, incomplete or missing premises.  We think it would be a mistake for the European Central Bank (ECB) to [...]

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