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16 apr 2014 18:20

Bundesbank Says Nein and Ja on Further ECB Accommodation

Germany appears to have capitulated.  The Bundesbank has dropped its opposition to extraordinary measures, like ending the sterilization of the SMP bond purchases, and has even dropped its visceral opposition to QE, if it can be structured properly to keep within the ECB’s mandate. As Jurgen Stark’s recent op-ed piece in the Financial Times makes clear, this [...]

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16 apr 2014 18:18

Searching For Banking Regulation’s Godiva

The Federal Reserve is mulling a new set of tougher banking rules to boost the odds that the financial system will remain sufficiently liquid when the next crisis strikes. It’s a worthy goal, if only because one day another event will surely arrive. But all the usual caveats apply when it comes to engineering outcomes in economics, starting with [...]

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16 apr 2014 13:26

China’s Shadow Banking System

Chinese debt concerns are complicated by two structural issues – the rise in borrowing by local governments and the increase in the role of the shadow banking system. Both sectors are testament to Chinese entrepreneurial spirit, but also point to deep problems in China’s financial system. Local But National… Outside of security matters or foreign [...]

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15 apr 2014 18:58

Socrates & the Pope: Overheard at the IMF’s Spring Meetings

By IMFdirect editors: Socrates’ famous method to develop his students’ intellect was to question them relentlessly in an unending search for contradictions and the truth—or at the very least, a great quote. The method was alive and well among the moderators, panelists and audiences of the IMF’s Spring Meetings seminars that took place alongside official discussions, [...]

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15 apr 2014 18:53

Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps

By Robert Bensh: As protests in Ukraine’s eastern region turned violent on Sunday leading to the death of a Ukrainian security officer in a shootout with pro-Russian militia, Kiev threatens military action while Moscow flexes its geo-economic warfare muscles. Pro-Russian militia groups have seized government buildings and police headquarters in Ukraine’s eastern city of Donetsk [...]

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15 apr 2014 18:50

Did Crude Oil Production Actually Peak in 2005?

By Kurt Cobb: “Wait a minute,” you must be saying. “Haven’t we been hearing from the oil industry and from government and international agencies that worldwide oil production has been increasing in the last several years?” The answer, of course, is yes. But, the deeper question is whether this assertion is actually correct. Here is [...]

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14 apr 2014 20:54

China Moves Against Shadow Banking

China is slated to release its latest estimates for banking lending and aggregate financing in the coming days. Over the past 12-months bank lending accounted for about 53% of the total financing, the remainder comes from the shadow banking sector. In China, shadow banking often refers to the trust companies, which are non-bank lenders. At the [...]

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14 apr 2014 18:49

China to Ban High Sulfur Coal Imports

By Nick Cunningham: In an effort to clean up the choking smog in many major Chinese cities, the Chinese government plans onbanning imports of high sulfur coal. It will still import coal, but will instead only allow coal of a higher quality that will contribute less to air pollution. The central government has made tackling air pollution [...]

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14 apr 2014 18:39

Are Administration Claims of Progress on TransPacific Partnership Negotiations in Japan Credible?

As readers may know, the mislabeled trade deal known as the TransPacific Partnership hasn’t looked like it has great odds of being consummated. The Wikileaks publication of two important draft chapters showed considerable opposition from America’s counterparties on numerous important provisions. As we’ve reported, the Japanese press has said, in pretty direct terms, that the [...]

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14 apr 2014 18:37

Just A Correction…or Something Darker for U.S. Equities?

The latest weakness in the US stock market raises a question: Is this the start of a bear market or just a correction in an ongoing bull market? For the moment, there’s a good case for arguing that the latest bout of weakness is of a temporary nature. Why? Long-term momentum, although losing altitude, is [...]

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