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26 ago 2014 23:47

Sustaining Mexico’s Energy Reform

This is a guest post by Greg Mendoza, an MA student at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. He previously was an intern in the Latin America Studies program at the Council on Foreign Relations. Last year, Mexico passed a historic energy reform to end over seventy years of exclusive state control of the energy sector. Some analysts [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:14

U.S. Warms to Clean Energy

By Nick Cunningham: A review of monthly figures for new installations of electric power capacity in July shows that renewable energy is quickly becoming the energy source of choice in the U.S. New data from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) shows that 100 percent of new capacity installed in July came from renewable energy. For the [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:13

Russia’s Nuclear Revival And Its Challenges

Russia is slowly but surely replacing its aging stockpile of Soviet-era nuclear weapons with an arsenal that’s fit-for-purpose in the 21st century. Richard Weitz of ISN Security Watch reminds us, however, that a weakening Russian economy and less-than-favorable international climate may yet derail Moscow’s efforts to revive its nuclear prowess. Although attention is naturally focused [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:10

Disagreement Over Scotland’s Oil Wealth Fuels Independence Debate

By Andy Tully: Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond continues to insist that the strong future of Scottish oil would provide major support for the country if it achieves independence from the United Kingdom — but not everyone agrees. Scotland will hold a referendum on Sept. 18 to vote on the question of whether it should [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:08

Why China Is Leading the World in Solar Power

By Andrew Topf: China is the world’s top energy consumer, with the vast majority of its electricity coming from domestically-mined coal. But the Asian nation is cutting its dependence on coal, oil and natural gas and replacing it with solar at a breakneck pace. Between January and the end of June, China added 3.3 gigawatts of solar [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:05

What Did Quantitative Easing Accomplish?

Roger Farmer has taken a new look at an issue concerning the Federal Reserve’s program of large-scale asset purchases (referred to in the popular press as “quantitative easing”) that I’ve been discussing on Econbrowser and in my research with University of Chicago Professor Cynthia Wu for some time.   One theory of how LSAP might affect interest rates is that if [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:04

Q3:2014 US GDP Nowcast: +2.5%

The surprisingly strong rebound in second-quarter GDP growth will suffer a substantial bout of deceleration in the third quarter, according to the Capital Spectator’s median econometric nowcast. The US economy is projected to increase 2.5% (real seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the July-through-September period, down from the 4.0% rate reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) [...]

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25 ago 2014 18:02

Q3 GDP: Seeking the Source

As the early data on the third quarter begin to roll in, the (very tentative) conclusion is that nothing we know yet contradicts the consensus gross domestic product (GDP) forecast (from the Blue Chip panel, for example) of seasonally adjusted annualized Q3 growth in the neighborhood of 3 percent. The latest from ourGDPNow model: The [...]

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25 ago 2014 08:08

A Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives. Part 2: Evidence

In Part 1 of this series, I outlined some basic economic theory regarding a universal basic income (UBI) and work incentives. By a UBI, I mean an income support policy that provides a set monthly benefit to every citizen. A UBI, as I define it, would to everyone, regardless of income, wealth, or employment status. [...]

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22 ago 2014 18:20

Income Distribution: Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Results

Income distribution has become less equal in many countries in recent decades, and prominent economists and politicians have advocated policies that would reverse the change in inequality. Some advocates of greater equality have acknowledged a trade-off between greater equality and higher total income. However, Paul Krugman (2014) and Alan Blinder (2014) have recently denied that [...]

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