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19 ago 2014 03:18

Lights Out: Brazil’s Power Problem

With the World Cup over, Brazilians are turning to their next big event—October’s presidential elections. While President Dilma Rousseff still leads in the polls, her margins continue to shrink. A recent Datafolha poll puts Rousseff and Aecio Neves—her leading challenger—as statistically tied in a hypothetical second round. Potentially adding to Rousseff’s vulnerabilities is Brazil’s electricity sector, which, [...]

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19 ago 2014 03:16

New Paths to Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform?

Fossil fuel subsidies are an economic, environmental, and security scourge. Used mostly in developing countries and often defended as pro-poor, they are typically ineffective at combatting poverty, waste scarce government resources, and encourage overconsumption of energy. Yet it has proven incredibly difficult to reform and reduce them. Two thought-provoking new studies suggest ways forward. The [...]

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19 ago 2014 03:14

A New Keystone XL Paper is Probably Wrong

I’ve been trying to avoid two things lately: Keystone XL and picking on shaky scientific papers. But a new paper on Keystone XL in Nature Climate Change has been generating a lot of  buzzand requests for comment, so a post on it seems worthwhile. The paper claims to show that the State Department has underestimated the emissions impact of the pipeline [...]

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19 ago 2014 03:13

Bullard Has Fed History on His Side in Rate-Hike Debate With Yellen

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard has moved decisively and vocally from the dove to hawk camp over the past year, and is now predicting a rate hike in the first quarter of next year – in contrast to Fed Chair Janet Yellen, who still does not appear to see one coming before the middle of the year.  The [...]

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18 ago 2014 09:37

A Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives. Part 1: Theory

Everywhere you look, it seems, people are talking about a Universal Basic Income (UBI)—a monthly cash benefit paid to every citizen that would replace the existing means-tested welfare system. Supporters maintain that a UBI would not only provide income support to people in need, but would also increase work incentives. That is because, unlike the [...]

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17 ago 2014 18:58

The Italian Runaway Train

There has been lot’s of debate in the press and in academic circles over the last week or so about whether Italy’s latest contraction constitutes a triple dip recession or simply a continuation of what’s been going on over many many years. This is an interesting theoretical nicety, but in fact what is happening in [...]

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14 ago 2014 21:48

Abenomics – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

If this week’s economics news is positive then that is good.  But if it’s bad then that’s even better, since there is more potential for it to improve next week, and if it doesn’t, well that’s doubly better since there will be  even more reason for central banks to step in and push up asset [...]

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12 ago 2014 20:18

Krugman vs. the Libertarians on Phosphorus and Freedom

Paul Krugman is at it again with a stunningly ignorant NYT op-ed on libertarians and the environment, “Phosphorus and Freedom.” As the author of a book on the libertarian perspective on environmental policy, I would like to respond. Phosphorus comes into the picture in the form of agricultural runoff that pollutes Lake Erie, recently making [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:55

Brazil’s Petrobras Ramps Up Production of Pre-Salt Oil

By Nick Cunningham: After several years of very little progress, Brazil is finally beginning to extract oil from ultra-deep water. It’s a welcome development for the South American country, which has experienced four years of flat oil production. Brazil’s economy grew at an astounding pace from 2005 to 2010, thanks to a commodity boom that [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:53

Japan Finally Gets Tough On Russia

By Amy Gleich: Last week in Tokyo, during a meeting of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet, Japan chose to impose harsher sanctions on Russia. The decision took effect immediately after the meeting on August 5. The sanctions focus on 40 individuals and two companies. A statement from the Japanese government outlined the scope of the sanctions, saying “assets held [...]

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