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19 gen 2015 19:49

The ECB Should Fully Use its Balance Sheet to Fight Deflation

The goal of this note is to support the view that the European Central Bank (ECB) should fully use its balance sheet to bring back inflation in the euro area to a reasonable level.  It comprises four recommendations, which are drawn from an analysis of the monetary policy pursued by the ECB and by the [...]

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19 gen 2015 12:52

Twin Peaks: Chinese-US Relations, 2015-2020

In 2013, the Sino-US relations ended with concern over strategic mistrust. In 2014, bilateral relations were characterized by a sense of optimism. While bilateral trust may endure through the Obama era, challenges will ensue thereafter. The renewed sense of strategic trust peaked in the U.N. climate talks in Lima, Peru, when President Obama and President [...]

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19 gen 2015 12:33

Toward the Eurozone’s Defining Moment (Finally)

After Greek elections, Brussels and Berlin can no longer shun the issue of debt relief. The era of inflated projections is over. Before the New Year, the Hellenic parliament rejected the nominee of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for president. Stavros Dimas was not likely to secure two-thirds of the required 300 votes. The former European [...]

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19 gen 2015 12:25

China’s EU Strategy Amid Greek Elections & Euro Uncertainty

Despite rising political risk in Greece and increasing economic uncertainty in Europe, China’s EU strategy will thrive in and benefit the Old Continent. On Christmas Eve, Li Keqiang had a phone conference with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who told the Chinese premier that the Hellenic Parliament had voted through the agreement on the Piraeus [...]

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17 gen 2015 18:09

Prices are Falling in the Eurozone, but is it “Real” Deflation?

The Eurozone has been on the brink of deflation for months. The latest data show that for the first time, consumer prices for the currency area as a whole (and for 12 of its 19 member countries) were actually lower in December than a year earlier. But is it “real” deflation? In a pair of [...]

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16 gen 2015 13:31

The Battle Going on in the Financial Markets Right Now

The following was originally published as an op-ed on on January 14, 2105: Recent economic data on wages, retail sales, and oil and other trade prices have severely undermined the blind confidence of equity markets that prevailed in 2014, and present market conditions are not likely to reverse themselves soon. 2014 was the battle [...]

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16 gen 2015 03:36

Odds and Sods: Some Good Reads For a Cold Winter Troll Friday

If you, too, are living in one of the sub-zero climes right now, you want some stimulating reading for Troll Friday. Here’s one of the best and fairest summaries of MMT that I’ve seen: As Joe says: “Few matters of economic importance are as woefully misunderstood as modern money. It can seem a fiendishly [...]

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12 gen 2015 19:59


Here’s an unintentionally hilarious piece by Tim Worstall at Forbes: Watch out, he warns, MMT has come to Washington! Our nation’s capital! No doubt ruin and wastage will follow. Why? Well. Nothing wrong with the theory of Modern Money Theory, he admits. “It’s not actually that I disagree very much with the economics that [...]

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10 gen 2015 19:43

Is It Time for MMT To Become Mainstream to Save Us from the Second Global Financial Crisis of the Millennium?

Some of you will remember that MMT got its first huge mainstream exposure through a Washington Post article written by Dylan Matthews: He’s just written another excellent story, this time about Stephanie Kelton going to Washington: Finally, there might be an alternative to the deficit hawk and timid deficit dove lovefest! As Dylan [...]

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10 gen 2015 14:46

As Unemployment Rate Hits a New Low, More Slack Remains in the Labor Market than Meets the Eye

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that the unemployment rate dropped to 5.6 percent in December, a new low for the recovery. For the first time in years, the unemployment rate has fallen to the range of 5.25-5.75 percent that the Fed considers consistent with its mandate to maintain full employment. In the same [...]

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