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06 set 2014 01:06

Is Growth Destined to Slow?

There’s a spirited debate raging among economists about the long-run potential for growth in the US economy. Among those who expect that the future will suffer a lesser rate of growth is Robert Gordon, an economics professor at Northwestern and a member of the Business Cycle Dating Committee at the National Bureau of Research. In [...]

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06 set 2014 00:48

Japan’s Pivot to India

India’s newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, made his first geostrategic move in Asia’s complex new dynamics this week, and together with Prime Minister Abe, catapulted the Japan-India relationship into a “special strategic and global partnership.”  Two goals focused their attention: bolstering their national economies and contending with China’s growing influence. While their ambitions for their partnership may [...]

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06 set 2014 00:45

Water Scarcity Hindering China’s Shale Gas Production

By Nick Cunningham: China holds the largest reserves of shale gas in the world, but much of it may never get developed because of one major obstacle: water scarcity. A new report from the World Resources Institute (WRI) says China suffers from high water stress, which may prevent it from ever fully developing its vast shale gas resources. China [...]

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06 set 2014 00:43

Obama’s Oil Boom: Global Warming Be Damned

By Michael Klare: Considering all the talk about global warming, peak oil, carbon divestment, and renewable energy, you’d think that oil consumption in the United States would be on a downward path.  By now, we should certainly be witnessing real progress toward a post-petroleum economy.  As it happens, the opposite is occurring.  U.S. oil consumption [...]

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06 set 2014 00:41

Great Graphic: Central Bank Balance Sheets

This Great Graphic comes from Thomson Reuters. V.Flassen from Reuters Graphics appears to have composed it andPierre Briancon tweeted it. It shows the major central bank balance sheets since 2007 through the end of August.  It is going to change dramatically in the coming months.  The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet growth will slow dramatically, as QE ends, though some [...]

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06 set 2014 00:40

Draghi Delivers!

After much fanfare, the ECB has surprised the market.  It delivered a 10 bp cut in key rates and committed itself to a ABS/covered bond purchase scheme to start next month.  The euro sold off, dragging down other European currencies, and sparked a dramatic bond and stock rally. The decision to cut rates today was [...]

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06 set 2014 00:38

In Mozambique—and In Africa—Rising Requires Resilience

By Doris Ross: Three months ago African leaders and policymakers assembled in Mozambique under an “Africa Rising” banner to assess the continent’s strong economic performance. But while the outlook for the continent remains strong, individual countries have faced problems and the uncertain global outlook continues to pose risks. Against this backdrop, what are the policies that [...]

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06 set 2014 00:36

What Does a ‘Good’ Chinese Adjustment Look Like?

I have always thought that the soft landing/hard landing debate wholly misses the point when it comes to China’s economic prospects. It confuses the kinds of market-based adjustments we are likely to see in the US or Europe with the much more controlled process we see in China. Instead of a hard landing or a [...]

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06 set 2014 00:34

The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

Detroit is the largest city ever to seek bankruptcy protection, so its bankruptcy is seen as a potential model for other American cities now teetering on the edge. But Detroit is really a model for how wealthier and whiter Americans escape the costs of public goods they’d otherwise share with poorer and darker Americans. Judge [...]

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05 set 2014 23:31

A Surprisingly Weak Payrolls Report For August

Ouch! That stings. The private sector created substantially fewer jobs in August than expected, according to this morning’s monthly update from the US Labor Department. Private payrolls increased 134,000 last month, far below the consensus forecast that anticipated a gain of 220,000, according to’s estimate. Even worse, the August rise is the weakest so far this [...]

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