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18 apr 2014 20:19

U.S. Economic Profile: Encouraging Signs

So much for pessimism. Most of the key economic reports for March are in and the general message looks encouraging… again. You can never say anything definitive about the business cycle in real time, but the data in hand today strongly suggest that the recent turbulence in some economic reports was only a temporary blip [...]

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18 apr 2014 20:16

Antitrust in the New Gilded Age

We’re in a new gilded age of wealth and power similar to the first gilded age when the nation’s antitrust laws were enacted. Those laws should prevent or bust up concentrations of economic power that not only harm consumers but also undermine our democracy — such as the pending Comcast acquisition of Time-Warner. In 1890, [...]

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18 apr 2014 20:15

Putin Is Losing Eastern European Energy Gamble

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t think the European community can do without the natural gas it gets from energy monopoly Gazprom.  With a Russian economy starting to decline, however, it may be Gazprom that’s too strongly interconnected to the European market to break free. The narrative over European energy security reaches at least [...]

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18 apr 2014 18:58

The Reality of the Present and the Challenge of the Future: Fagg Foster for the 21st Century

Here is a presentation that I’ll give today at the University of Denver at the annual J. Fagg Foster honors ceremony. Most of you will not know of Foster, but you should. While he did not publish much, he was the professor of a number of prominent institutionalists who attended DU in the early postwar [...]

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16 apr 2014 22:29

Consumer Price Inflation Edges Up in March but No Upward Trend in Sight for Inflation Expectations

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an uptick in consumer price inflation for the month of March. Separately, estimates by the Cleveland Fed show that inflation expectations remain flat and well below the Fed’s target of 2 percent. As the following chart shows, the all-items consumer price index rose at a [...]

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16 apr 2014 21:03

The Future of the State Revisited: Reforming Public Expenditure

By: Sanjeev Gupta and Martine Guerguil The global financial crisis brought to the fore the question of sustainability of public finances. But it merely exacerbated a situation that was bound to attract attention sooner or later—governments all over the world have been spending more and more in recent decades. Here at the IMF, we’ve been looking into the factors [...]

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16 apr 2014 18:27

Why Angola May Be the Next OPEC Darling

French energy company Total said it was sinking $16 billion into oil projects off the coast of Angola. The French major is following the bread crumbs offshore Angola and now the country aims to re-establish itself as a major oil player by courting investors to onshore fields. Total said it made a final investment decision [...]

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16 apr 2014 18:24

Who Really Won the Cold War?

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall the West was under the illusion that it had won the Cold War. The Western powers had defeated communism, brought down the Iron Curtain, freed the peoples living under Soviet influence, brought the dreaded Berlin Wall down and saw the disbandment of the Warsaw Pact. NATO, the West, [...]

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16 apr 2014 18:22

U.S. to Foreign Officials: Stop Buying Treasurys!

Cassandras warn that the foreign appetite for US debt is satiated and wonder who is going to buy US Treasuries when the Federal Reserve stops. Not only are US officials not concerned about this, but the Department of Treasury continues its campaign to discourage foreign central banks from buying so many Treasuries. Foreign official purchases of [...]

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16 apr 2014 18:20

Bundesbank Says Nein and Ja on Further ECB Accommodation

Germany appears to have capitulated.  The Bundesbank has dropped its opposition to extraordinary measures, like ending the sterilization of the SMP bond purchases, and has even dropped its visceral opposition to QE, if it can be structured properly to keep within the ECB’s mandate. As Jurgen Stark’s recent op-ed piece in the Financial Times makes clear, this [...]

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