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07 nov 2014 15:16

To the G-20: It Is Demand Deficiency, Not Supply

The Eurozone countries and Japan are now falling back into recession/depression and deflation, and their public debt levels are grossly excessive, and still rising. The deepening economic crisis in these two large economic blocks could have serious implications for other G-20 countries, as aggregate demand is already weak globally. Nonetheless, based on the advice of [...]

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07 nov 2014 09:57

Turkey’s (Erdogan’s) Ak Palace and the new Reich Chancellery

Hello Again after another absence from blogging. I return thanks to my beloved Hurriyet Daily News (HDN), as I explain below. But I will try to stick to blogging regularly this time around. Below is what was supposed to my HDN column for today. However, when you buy the paper today or when you go [...]

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06 nov 2014 15:43

The Struggle for Free Trade in Asia Pacific

If the APEC meeting can agree on the proposed regional free trade plan and a reasonable implementation schedule, it would take a leap into faster regional growth and prosperity. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum on November 10-11 will take place amidst the rebalancing of China, the United States and the integration of Southeast Asia, [...]

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05 nov 2014 18:25

The City of London In a New Geopolitical Order

The City of London, Not Simply A “Regional” Hub Among the world’s financial hubs, the City of London is most in search of a new identity that would allow it to adapt to an evolving geopolitical scene. Global financial hubs tend to be the key financial center of the country, region or continent they are [...]

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05 nov 2014 17:51

Liquidity Glut, Infrastructure Finance Drought and Development Banks

The world economy faces huge infrastructure financing needs that are not being matched on the supply side. Emerging market economies, in particular, have had to deal with international long-term private debt financing options that are less supportive of infrastructure finance. While unconventional monetary policies in advanced countries in the aftermath of the global financial crisis [...]

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04 nov 2014 16:39

A Coordinated Fiscal Response to Revive the Euro Area Economy

The worsening of the economic situation in the euro area raises serious questions about the capacity of policymakers to get the situation under control.  Member States have limited room of manoeuvre to implement a counter-cyclical budgetary policy under the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP).  The European Central Bank (ECB) is confronted the zero bound interest [...]

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04 nov 2014 13:20

What Quantitative Easing Did Not Do: Three Revealing Charts

The Fed has declared an official end to quantitative easing. It is a logical time to ask, did QE work? Danielle Kurtzleben gives the honest answer in a recent post on Vox: “It’s very, very hard to know.” Still, we do know three things that QE did not do. These are worth pointing out, especially [...]

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30 ott 2014 16:23

US GDP Grows 3.5 Percent in Q3 for Best Six-Month Gain of the Recovery

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today that US GDP grew at a 3.5 percent annual rate in the third quarter of 2014. Combined with the strong 4.6 percent showing in Q2, the six-month average of 4.05 percent is the best half-year performance of the recovery. Even including the 2.1 percent annual rate of decrease [...]

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29 ott 2014 15:54

Volatility in the Emerging Markets

Volatility has returned to the financial markets. Stock prices in the U.S. have fallen from their September highs, and the return on 10-year Treasury bonds briefly fell below 2%.  Financial markets in emerging markets have been particularly hard hit,. The Institute for International Finance estimates that $9 billion was withdrawn from equity markets in those countries in October, [...]

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29 ott 2014 15:07

Food security stocks and the potential collapse of the Bali Agreement

After several days of work, and the usual posturing and drama, Members of the WTO closed the Ninth Ministerial Conference on December 7 2013 with an agreement on the first comprehensive multilateral trade package negotiated within that organization. The Bali agreement has been part of the process initiated by the Doha Round launched in Doha, [...]

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