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12 ago 2014 03:51

Putin Hails ExxonMobil’s ‘Cooperation’ in Arctic Despite Sanctions Regime

By Andy Tully: Russian President Vladimir Putin is praising ExxonMobil as a paragon of “cooperation” for beginning work on a project to drill for oil in the Arctic despite stiff Western sanctions on Russian oil companies. “Today, commercial success is driven by efficient international cooperation,” Putin said July 9 from his Black Sea residence in [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:49

What Mexico’s Energy Reform Means for Big Oil

By Nick Cunningham: Mexico’s Congress have given final approval to a far-reaching energy reform bill that will open up the oil and gas sector to private investment for the first time in 75 years. The historic opening, a central piece of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s agenda, will end the monopoly of state-owned oil company [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:48

Ukraine Considers Restricting Russian Gas Deliveries To Europe

By Andy Tully: Ukraine is planning to impose sanctions on Russia that might include an effort to starve its larger and richer neighbor of income by stopping the flow of Russian gas through Ukraine to customers in Western Europe. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told reporters on Aug. 8 that his government is proposing sanctions against 172 [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:45

Investment Slumps: A Long-Term View

I was interested to take a look at our recent weak economic performance from a longer-term perspective.   The graph below plots private domestic fixed investment as a fraction of GDP for the United States going back to 1929, along with the median value for this fraction over the whole period. We always see investment [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:44

Beware of Corrective Forces

The US dollar rose against most of the major currencies over the past week.  The main exception was the Japanese yen.  The combination of the decline in US yields to new 12-month lows, the drop in equities (S&P 500 reached 3-month lows, and the heightened geopolitical anxiety appears to have prompted a further reduction of short [...]

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12 ago 2014 03:42

Great Graphic: Growing Currency Mismatch?

Investors and policy makers generally seem to recognize that the prolonged period of low interest rates and low volatility provides fertile ground for its opposite.  It facilitates excessive risk taking.  The excessive risk taking can take on many forms and employs various vehicles. Recently Yellen singled out a couple of sectors in the equity market [...]

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10 ago 2014 17:06

President Erdoğan’s New Turkey

Key takeaway – Prime Minister (PM) Erdoğan will win the Presidential elections in the first round, with 52 percent of the vote. Emboldened by popular support, over the next five years he will actively rule the country and re-shape key institutions to consolidate Presidential power. Tensions will rise internally and externally. The opposition will condemn [...]

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08 ago 2014 19:02

Risk-Off Momentum Rolls On

Treasury yields fell again yesterday, with the benchmark 10-year rate slipping to 2.43% at Thursday’s close—marking a 13-month low. More of the same is on tap at the moment: Early trading on Friday shows the yield dipping below 2.40%. Lower yields at this stage are a warning sign, of course, albeit inspired by a hodgepodge [...]

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08 ago 2014 19:00

Draghi Stays the Course

As widely anticipated, the ECB left policy on hold and Draghi did not change his tone or general assessment.  The euo whipped around a bit on the headlines and spiked down to new session lows just ahead of $1.3350, but rebounded quickly toward the session highs near $1.3390. There are five points Draghi reiterated: 1.  [...]

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08 ago 2014 18:59

Great Graphic: U.S.-Russian Trade

The US reported a June trade deficit that was smaller than expected.  The $41.5 bln shortfall was the smallest since January. Imports were off 1.2%, which is a bit unusual as the rebound in the US economy is traditionally associated with more imports. The may be some seasonal distortion.  It is the largest drop in imports since [...]

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