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09 set 2014 21:55

Other Perspectives on the New Bond-Market Conundrum

Last week I commented on a puzzling phenomenon in bond markets this year– long-term rates have been falling at the same time that nearer-term rates have been rising. Bruegel has a review of some of the discussion of this around the web. Nominal yields on different U.S. Treasury securities as a function of years to maturity as of [...]

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09 set 2014 21:42

Reading Macro Data: Growth Rates, Annual Rates, Data Breaks

Newcomers to macro often encounter problems in interpreting and using data. The first is how to report growth rates, particularly when trying to assess the current state of the economy. The second is how to read data reported at annual vs. quarterly vs. monthly rates. The third is accounting for the presence of breaks in [...]

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09 set 2014 21:41

An Independent Scotland: Poorer, More Unstable, Fiscally Weak

In 9 days, voters in Scotland will decide on whether their country should go it alone. The latest Sunday-Times YouGov poll shows a two-point lead for the “yes” camp. The outcome is now too close to call. The closeness of the polls has been matched by a shift in the tone of some economic commentary [...]

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09 set 2014 21:39

Corruption Scandal Makes the Brazilian Elections Even More Exciting

(from my colleague Ilan Solot)  The political outlook for the Brazilian elections is being rocked by leaked information about the corruption scandal surrounding Petrobras’ former director Paulo Roberto Costa – affectionately known as the “suicide bomber.” The man-bomb has agreed to a plea bargain (i.e. providing information in exchange for a reduced sentence) and has [...]

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09 set 2014 21:37

FAQ: Scottish Referendum

What is the Scottish Referendum?  Scotland has been a part of the UK for over 300 years.  Last year, Scotland reached an agreement with the UK to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.  The Scotland National Party has an outright majority in the Scottish parliament and a referendum has been a longstanding pledge. When will the [...]

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09 set 2014 21:36

Renewing America Progress Report: Federal Debt and Deficits

The CFR Renewing America Federal Debt and Deficits Scorecard It’s not often that one hears the phrase “European steeliness.” But while the United States continues to punt its serious tax and spending problems ever farther down the field, Europe’s big economies have actually done something about fiscal challenges that were even bigger than those facing [...]

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09 set 2014 21:33

The Impact of U.S. Oil Exports Is Being Greatly Exaggerated

What would allowing U.S. crude oil exports do to the global price of oil? Tom Friedman, in a column Sunday, reflects popular conventional wisdom when he says they’d do a lot: “The necessary impactful thing that America should do at home now is for the president and Congress to lift our self-imposed ban on U.S. oil [...]

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09 set 2014 21:31

The Arguments For and Against Shale Oil and Gas Developments

By Euan Mearns (Energy Matters): The energy debate is full of controversy. Whether it is about the pros and cons of renewable energy, nuclear power or fossil fuels (FF) there are a range of arguments made on either side. If it was clear cut which arguments were best, there would be no controversy to discuss. [...]

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09 set 2014 21:29

Iran Stiffens Resolve to Elude Sanctions in Face of Latest U.S. Penalties

By Andy Tully: Iran’s oil minister says recent U.S. penalties against several companies in Iran and elsewhere will only encourage Tehran to evade the sanctions regime imposed to hinder its nuclear energy program. “The sanctions are cruel and illegal, and we will keep fulfilling our duty with regards to circumventing the sanctions,” Bijan Zanganeh said [...]

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09 set 2014 15:25

Income Distribution: Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Results

Income distribution has become less equal in many countries in recent decades, and prominent economists and politicians have advocated policies that would reverse the change in inequality. Some advocates of greater equality have acknowledged a trade-off between greater equality and higher total income. However, Paul Krugman (2014) and Alan Blinder (2014) have recently denied that [...]

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