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14 apr 2014 18:26

Arab Economic Transformation Amid Political Transitions

By Masood Ahmed (version in عربي) The International Monetary Fund released today a new paper entitled “Toward New Horizons—Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions.” The paper makes the case for the urgency of launching economic policy reforms, beyond short-term macroeconomic management, to support economic stability and stronger, job-creating economic growth in the Arab Countries in Transition—Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, [...]

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14 apr 2014 13:59

Capital Liberalization and Inequality

Inequality, which has drawn a great deal of comment and analysis following the publication of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, has sometimes been seen as a byproduct of increased international trade. But now other international economic linkages are being investigated. The International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, has acknowledged the need to take distributional consequences into [...]

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10 apr 2014 19:06

Fed’s Dovishness Sets Tone

The US dollar suffered losses yesterday in response to confirmation that Fed policy will remain extremely accommodative for more than another year. Those losses were extended initially extended in Asia and after a brief pause, again in Europe.  The yen is competing with the Australian dollar for the leadership roll. The greenback remains vulnerable to additional [...]

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10 apr 2014 19:04

U.S. March Economic Profile Perks Up…So Far

There’s a mildly improving case for thinking that the recent slowdown in economic growth really was a temporary affair due to a harsh winter rather than a deeper cyclical problem. Yes, that’s an assessment that’s still evolving and so it’s premature to say anything definitive at this point. The outlook, as always, is subject to [...]

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10 apr 2014 19:00

North American Oil Glut to Keep Prices Low, IMF Says

The International Monetary Fund said global crude oil prices have been relatively lower because of the growth in oil supply from North America. With U.S. oil production on pace to eclipse 9 million barrels per day near term, the trend should continue through next year. Nearly all of the growth in global oil production is [...]

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10 apr 2014 18:50

Abe Government Moves Toward Upgrading Japan’s Nuclear Facilities

Three years after the nuclear catastrophe that struck TEPCO’s Fukushima complex, the Japanese government of Prime Minister Shinzuo Abe is slowly sidling back towards restarting Japan’s idled NPPs. On 25 February Abe announced Japan’s new Basic Energy Plan, which sees nuclear power as an important base load energy source and overturns a promise made by [...]

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10 apr 2014 18:47

Public Finances Are on the Mend, but No Clean Bill of Health

By Sanjeev Gupta and Martine Guerguil (Version in  Français, Русский) We’ve had a spate of good news on the economic front recently. Does this mean that we are finally out of the fiscal woods? According to our most recent Fiscal Monitor report, not yet, as public debt remains high and the recovery uneven. First, the good news. The average deficit in advanced [...]

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10 apr 2014 18:45

Mirable Dictu! U.S. Regulators Impose Tougher Rules on Bank Capital

It’s easy to be cynical about the state of bank regulations, since the regulators themselves have for the most part been badly captured by the industry. So it’s important to give them credit when they take a meaningful step in the right direction. Readers of Sheila Bair’s book Bull by the Horns may recall that [...]

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10 apr 2014 09:23

Ukraine or Russia? How Would Economic Factors Influence a Vote?

Last month residents of Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Although many in the West have questioned the freedom and fairness of the referendum, which was held in the intimidating presence of Russian troops, no one doubts that many Crimean residents did have a true preference for the Russian option. [...]

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09 apr 2014 19:28

Trade Agreement: Australia and Japan Can, but the U.S. and Japan Can’t

After an extended engagement of seven years, Japan and Australia consummated their relationship by signing trade pact.  It is a milestone in the sense that it is Japan’s first trade agreement with a significant agricultural producer. The big prize, however, is not this, it is the Trans-Pacific Partnership–the multilateral trade agreement including a dozen countries.  [...]

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